PALACIO DE LA MAGDALENA                       SANTANDER (ESPAÑA), 25-27 MAYO, 2017

1 Carmen Rodríguez-Naranjo
Associate Professor of Personality, Assessment and Psychological Treatment at the University of Málaga
Carmen Rodríguez-Naranjo is Associate Professor (Profesor Titular) of Personality, Assessment and Psychological Treatment at the University of Málaga since 1996, in which she started her academic career as Teaching Assistant in 1987. She completed her doctoral dissertation in 1993 on behavioral and cognitive treatment of depression, topics in which she has continued her research and teaching work. She has leaded a number of competitive research projects on risk factors of depression and aggression in adolescents and provided contributions to numerous books and journals. Her main teaching topics are on Psychological Treatments and her research interests are currently focused on family functioning and its effects on depression and aggression in adolescents.

Family functioning and adolescent adjustment
It is well known that psychological maladjustment in adolescence is associated with the development of clinical problems in adulthood. In this symposium we address the adolescents’ perceptions of the quality of the relationships with their father and mother, and also with their family as a whole, and the cross-sectional and prospective associations of these perceptions with adolescents’ psychological adjustment (i.e. self-esteem, life satisfaction and depressive symptoms). We also explore the expectations of the adolescents about the potential adaptation of children growing up in various modalities of families opposite to traditional nuclear ones. Finally, we establish a typological classification of the adolescents concerning their personal well-being, their family sociodemographic characteristics and the quality of parent-adolescent relationships. Knowledge of the risk factors leading to maladjustment in adolescence may be useful for improving specific intervention programs to prevent the onset of adjustment problems and to diminish their impact over the course of development.


Family functioning, hopelessness and adolescents’ depressive symptoms: Moderating effects of gender, age and socio-economic status.
Carmen Rodríguez-Naranjo, PhD. Associate Professor, Personality, Assessment and Psychological Treatment Department. University of Málaga, Spain.

Adolescents' perceptions of their reciprocal relationships with their parents: prospective associations with self-esteem, life satisfaction and depressive symptoms.
Diego Gómez Baya, PhD. Assistant Professor, Psychology Department. University Loyola Andalucía, Spain.

The adaptation of the children of different family modalities according to undergraduates perception.
Beatriz Triana Pérez, PhD. Associate Professor, Developmental and Educational Psychology Department. University of La Laguna, Spain.

Exploratory analysis of the interaction between personal well-being in adolescence and the characteristics of family context: typological classification of the secondary students.
Ramón Mendoza Berjano, PhD. Full Professor, Social, Developmental and Educational Psychology Department. University of Huelva, Spain.